Host Rocket Web Hosting Multitasker

Customers seeking web hosting services will find shared plans, reseller hosting, and dedicated programs with Host Rocket. This is one of the best-known companies, vying for consumers who might also consider BlueHost, GoDaddy, or InMotion. It is a tight field with lots of competition, but Host Rocket believes they offer enough features to tempt clients to take a look at their range of services.

Shared Hosting with Host Rocket

The basic cost of hosting on the internet is around $4 to $6, usually with a coupon code, or this could be an introductory offer. Host Rocket’sShared-Hosting- plans start at $5.99 for a month if you purchase their biennial plan: two years of hosting. For this price, you receive unlimited disk space, bandwidth, websites, and email accounts. Customers have access to support all day, every day, with free setup. The cost works out to just $5.99 per month because the first six months is free and clients benefit from committing to a contract. Other hosting prices are a little higher because you don’t have to commit but are able to arrange for services month by month.

Shared hosting is ideal if you are operating a personal site, like a blog, or a small business experiencing only moderate levels of traffic. Additions at extra cost include a dedicated IP address for $2 each month, $20 domain registration annually, a $20 transfer fee, and $5 for remote backup. A shared SSD hosting package starts at around $10 monthly.

VPS Reseller

Discover a Host Rocket Promo Code and pay less for reseller services on a Virtual Private Server. Clients can control their own accounts with cPanel, the easiest and most popular control panel. This gives the client access to data related to the site and enables him to make adjustments such as creating email accounts, uploading pages, and reading statistics relating to traffic. WHM or Web Host Manager is another option if you are looking to avail of managed hosting. This gives the administrator access to all the details above, sends out alerts about server failures, enables account modification, and blocks spam.

Reseller VPS is highly recommended for e-commerce websites; companies selling their goods directly online. With VPS, customers share a server, but there aren’t as many accounts per server, and more features are made available. The e-commerce customers can’t afford for downtime to affect the safety of clients or interfere with transactions. Also, traffic is often higher on these sites than the levels shared hosting clients experience. Security is essential.

Dedicated Services with Host Rocket

Arrange to use a server that no one else has access to. This is the only option when information is sensitive, customers are sharing personal health data, or when traffic is so high that others on the server would suffer from being overloaded. The best-value package provides 12 Visible Cores, 32 GB memory, 15 TB of bandwidth, and a 100 Mbit uplink. You get free RAID 1 storage, plus add-ons can be arranged.

Web Design Services

While companies such as Bluehost specialize in WordPress and other Open Source hosting, Host Rocket offers the alternative: professionalCanton-Website web design. Service begins at $699. Create a unique website from the very beginning or give an old site new décor and more user-friendly features. While building a page on WordPress or Joomla is free except for add-ons and plug-ins, pages are created from templates. There are limitations within the range. However, extensive the number of themes, borders, and fonts might be. Build a unique profile with Host Rocket Web Design. The basic plan provides one page, consultation, plus the option to add pages at $150 each time.

About Host Rocket

The company started in 1999 and continues to operate from the same region; Clifton Park, New York. Their skills and services have expanded in size and technical complexity, but clients will find the entire process is simple from their end. Manage a site or employ site management. Start from the beginning or move a site from another host. Host Rocket will help you while aiming for affordable pricing.